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Beverly Hills Upper Body Lift

The upper body lift procedure is designed to target areas of the body where fat deposits and extra skin remain following weight loss. This excess skin, fat, tissue and cellulite are typically minimized from the breasts, chest, arms, and middle back, but can be specifically focused on any personal problem areas as needed. The subtraction of this tissue helps define and shape the contours of your body, giving you the profile and figure you deserve for the work you have put into your weight loss. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Andre Aboolian can help you achieve your beauty goals!
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Upper Body Lift Surgery

Is an Upper Body Lift Right For You?

One of the most difficult aspects of significant weight loss is the accumulation of inelastic skin. As your skin ages and stretches out to accommodate a larger frame, it can lose its elasticity over time. This inelastic skin is less likely to shrink down and fit your smaller figure after weight loss. Though the skin may be able to keep up with gradual weight loss using skin treatments and products, dramatic changes in weight such as bariatric surgeries and atypical weight loss may be too much for the skin.

The ideal candidates for an upper body lift are patients who:

  • Have lost weight naturally or through a bariatric procedure
  • Have loose, excess skin and fat deposits
  • Are recovering from pregnancy, fighting a debilitating disease or disease treatment

A personal consultation can help you determine the appropriateness of the procedure for your situation. Patients who have completed bariatric surgery are required to maintain their ideal body weight (defined as a body mass index of less than 30) for at least six months, be 18 months post-surgery, and have excellent eating and exercise habits.

The upper body lift procedure may be a viable option for many candidates, particularly those who have been able to maintain a stable, healthy weight for a significant period of time.

How Upper Body Lift Surgery Works

The upper body lift surgery may last anywhere from 6-12 hours and typically requires a one or two night Stay at an over-night care facility. During the upper body lift, Dr. Aboolian makes precise incisions within natural lines in the skin, positioned in easily hidden locations.

The incisions may be placed across the upper back within the bra line, between the nipples and the breast crease, along the breast crease, and in the armpit. In some cases, liposuction or breast implantation may be used as an accompanying procedure. Excess tissue is extracted through the incisions and secured in place, and the incisions are then closed.

Rest is recommended for the first 24 hours, after which time minimal activity is recommended. Bandages are applied to the incisions, and drains may be used for the first week to allow fluids to exit the incision areas. Compression garments may be given to minimize swelling, pain, and discomfort. Each recovery period varies based on the extent of the surgery and the patient’s health, but normal activities can usually be resumed in 2-3 weeks, and full healing may take 6-8 weeks.

Risks this procedure include infection, asymmetry, blood clots, irregular skin appearance, bleeding and changes in sensitivity. During your consultation, Dr. Aboolian will thoroughly discuss the risks involved. A higher BMI is thought to contribute to a higher incidence of complications, making a low, stable weight very important for patients preparing for an upper body lift surgery.

Learn More About Upper Body Lift Surgery in Beverly Hills

If you feel you may be a candidate for the upper body lift procedure, call the office of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Andre Aboolian, MD, FACS. You can also learn more about all the post-weight loss surgery methods available to you.

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