Three Key Steps to Secure PC Software

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The key to protecting your mobile devices, computers and data from hackers is using secure pc software. Hackers, also referred to as cybercriminals, hack your computer for a variety of reasons. They could steal, alter, or delete data that you value. Hackers are malicious, unlike other thieves who use stolen goods for legitimate purposes. They are more interested in getting access to your personal information, usually before you are aware that something is wrong.

The three most important steps to ensure the security of your computer software are passwords, firewalls and protection against viruses. If you follow these recommended practices, it is less likely that your computer will be compromised by hackers or malware (software that encrypts your data and requires payment to unlock its unlocking).

Change the name of the administrator account. Be sure to choose a password that is strong and contains upper- and lowercase numbers, letters and computer symbols. Do not use a short password like 1234, as hackers are able to employ automated tools to crack passwords that are easy to guess in just a few minutes.

Maintain your operating system (OS) and other software up to date. Most software updates contain security fixes to help protect against hackers. Install all patches and turn on automatic updates as they become they are available to reduce the amount of time when you’re vulnerable to hackers.

If you have a laptop or other portable device, be sure that your drive is protected when it’s not in use. This is especially crucial for UF students. Windows allows users to enable encryption by going to Settings > Update and Security > Device encryption. This will secure this post your entire internal drive as well as most external drives, like SD cards.

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