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Star S. Avatar

5 star rating If you want anything done to your entire body, this Dr is like the Santa of plastic surgery!  Just had a Breast augmentation and I am extremely pleased so far. I'm still healing but the process has been so easy, zero bruises and minimal pain. I didn't even have to take any pain killers after the surgery, but I do have high pain tolerance. If you have a wish list, just give it to Dr Aboolian and he'll make it happen. Have had other friends who went to him for various surgeries and they all look perfect and gorgeous. I even have a friend who's an actress and he's helped her book even more jobs thru his extremely natural work. His demeanor is calm, confident and he's just extremely smart. Had a little filler done w him for the 1st time recently too and it looks amazing. I asked him at the follow up if I needed more filler anywhere and he actually said No. (??!!) HONEST!! Despite the fact that he was the youngest Dr ever to be chosen for the Extreme Makeover show due to his surgical talents and artistic eye, he's got a great bedside manner and is a no bs, no fake frills kinda doc. He just recommends what he thinks will give the most cohesive, balanced and beautiful outcome and gets it done. Also, parking is validated, his appts run on time( I've never had to wait more than 5 min) and I absolutely love his staff who are so sweet, genuine, and accommodating.Overall, I feel confident and simply cannot wait to be on the loose w my new boobies as soon as this Safer at Home restriction lifts! Thanks so much, Dr A

Star S. 4/02/2020
Nar K. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Aboolian is such a professional and I would not recommend anyone else. He's approachable, friendly, and above all, extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Aboolian performed corrective surgery and my results two weeks post-op are great!  He also was my sister's surgeon and her results are even better! I had my nose done by a different surgeon years ago and the results were terrible. As the swelling went down and the new shape formed, I realized how uneven my nose was and how lifted my nostrils were. The first procedure with Dr. Aboolian fixed my high nostrils and softened the appearance of my nose.  My recent and second procedure with Dr. Aboolian was to fix symmetry. One side of my nose was longer than the other side. Two weeks after surgery to fix symmetry, there is an obvious change in my appearance and I know it will only get better.  I wouldn't just go to any doctor in my situation, but because I was a previous patient, and knew Dr. Aboolian had performed similar surgeries, I really didn't have any doubts that he could handle my procedure. With cosmetic surgery, and even fillers/injections, less is more and that is exactly his aesthetic. He calls you after your surgery, answers all your questions confidently and makes the entire situation very easy and less nerve-wracking.

Nar K. 2/13/2020
Nicole H. Avatar

5 star rating Ten days ago I went into the office to get botox in my forehead. He placed the injections in the middle of my forehead and along the top. I waited 3-5 days for it to settle and I noticed there were still lines on either side of my forehead where the injections had been made.I called Dr. Aboolian for a touch-up and he did it immediately (on 8th or 9th day after initial injection).Now my entire forehead is smooth and the frown-lines are almost completely gone.I'm very pleased with the placement of the injections and the end-result.I would highly recommend Dr. Aboolian.

Nicole H. 10/30/2019
Rachel Hernandez Avatar

positive review  First timer at Dr. Andre Aboolian office and I had an excellent experience. He is a true artist and his staff were all very helpful and patient! Can’t wait to come back!

Rachel Hernandez 10/08/2019
Kris T. Avatar

5 star rating I just recently became a new patient and I must say it was the best decision ever! Dr. Aboolian and his staff are super friendly. He explains everything very detailed and takes his time for each patient. I had Botox and fillers, the most I appreciate at Dr. Aboolian and his staff is that nobody is pressuring you to do more! No selling on top! Honest recommendations and absolutely trustworthy.Great prices, awesome office and on top free valet parking;-).I definitely found my new plastic surgeon for all my needs! Thanks to the lovely team and Dr. Aboolian you soon. His Instagram account: dr.andreaboolian

Kris T. 9/23/2019
Tevy T. Avatar

5 star rating Aboolian is the BEST!  I've had four of my closest friends go to him for body and face work and I saw their befores and afters in person and they all look flawless!  I have gone to him as well and I am beyond pleased with my results!  Doesn't sell you on anything if he feels it will not make you look better or if it's not needed. Very realistic with what he thinks your outcome will be.

Tevy T. 9/06/2019
M A. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Aboolian is a one of a kind human being and surgeon. He is compassionate, funny, attentive, and of course extremely knowledgeable (these things matter if you're goingunder the knife). Dr. Aboolian and his staff made me feel so comfortable and I had no doubts going into the surgery. He was there for me every step of the way, ready to answer any questions and address my concerns. One year post-op and I couldn't be happier. Dr. Aboolian is a godsend!  Update:I really wish i could write a million reviews for Dr. Aboolian. He is just amazing. I went in for lip fillers and he was able to achieve exactly what I wanted. He kept my shape and gave me a natural plump. He talked me through the whole process and took his time. At the end of my appointment he took the time to sit down with me and revisit my surgery from three years ago and answer any new questions I had as well as making sure I still felt good and confident. The best, EVER!

M A. 9/03/2019
Azy R. Avatar

5 star rating Dr Aboolian was the best, it was my first time getting Botox and he made me feel right at home. Unlike many other plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, his honest, professional opinion on what I should get done was very valuable to me. I flew from Atlanta to come see him and I would do it again in a heartbeat, no pain and no bumps! Amazing doctor!

Azy R. 9/03/2019
Jeeny Miller Avatar

positive review  Dr Abolian is an amazing Surgen. The staff are very helpful and kind. Highly recommended. 👍👍👍

Jeeny Miller 8/22/2019
Kelly V. Avatar

5 star rating I got a rhinoplasty procedure done back in April. The changes were very subtle but made a huge difference. I had very minimal swelling and bruising. To my surprise, I did not experience any pain during my recovery. I still have very little swelling on the tip of my nose , but I already love the results. I'm currently getting Fractional Skin Resurfacing done to help remove my acne scars and the overall texture of my face. By trying to be my own pimple popper over the years I created indentations on my cheeks. With just one treatment I already noticed major improvements. My scars were not as red and the texture of my face was a lot smoother. The procedure is not painful at all. Slight discomfort with the numbing injections but after that it is pain free. It took my skin about 5 days to fully recover and display a beautiful glow. Dr. Aboolian and his staff are nothing short of amazing. They made me feel so comfortable and confident before and after my procedures. I've never felt more comfortable in my own skin. Dr. Aboolian and his staff are very genuine people who really want to help anyone who feels the need to make a change for themselves. Could not think of a better team to recommend other than this one.

Kelly V. 8/22/2019
SoCal Princess Avatar

I would highly recommend Dr. Aboolian. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the work he does. He is always very detail oriented. His staff are always helpful as well.

SoCal Princess 8/06/2019
Anasheh M. Avatar

5 star rating My daughter was about 45 days old when I took her in to see Dr. Aboolian. It was one of the best days of my life. I walked in with my new born baby and had Dr. Aboolian look at my daughter's skin tags that she had around her ears. Before I even got a consultation, his friendly staff asked me to email the doctor pictures of my daughter's skin tags so that he can take a look at them before giving his OK to go in. Since I would have to drive about 40 min with a new born baby, to get to his office for the consultation, the friendly front desk lady told me that it would save me a trip in case the doctor thought she was too young for the procedure. Dr. Aboolian called me personally and talked to me about the tags and what the procedure consisted of. I decided to take my daughter in 2 days later and not only did he do the consultation and answered all my questions, he was also very open to doing the procedure right there and then so I wouldn't have to come back another day. What was supposed to take about 30 min to do, took Dr. Aboolian 2 hours until the entire procedure was completed. Why? He didn't rush at all. He was going along with what my baby wanted. The moment she would start fussing, he would give her a break. Asked me to feed her. And then change her if I needed to. Or just to hold her for a little while so she calms down. It was so nice to see a doctor care so much about his patient, my child. Making sure that he didn't put too much stress on my baby. He kept asking me if I was ok when my baby started crying. He had me hold her in my arms while he cut the tags off so that my baby would know I'm there with her. We came home and Dr. Aboolian called me the very next morning checking in to see how the baby did all night. Because of the fact that he didn't put too much stress on my baby, didn't pull her skin, didn't inject the anesthetic all at once, and took his time with her, my baby slept through the night and had NO pain. The skin has healed perfectly now. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Aboolian and his staff. The way they respect their patients and their work is absolutely out of this world. I will never forget the way my baby and I were treated by him and his staff. Dr. Aboolian, I wish you nothing but good karma for the rest of your life, sir!

Anasheh M. 8/05/2019
Carla Barrera-Ortiz Avatar

Anazing service and attention to detail. Dr. Aboolian takes the time to know his patients and provide individualized attention to your needs.

Carla Barrera-Ortiz 7/30/2019
Robert C DeDona Avatar

Dr. Aboolian and his staff are by far the best. Always willing to go the extra mile to meet anyone’s needs. I’ve been coming to his office for the past 5 years and have never had a bad experience.

Robert C DeDona 7/29/2019
The Hripskiii Experience Avatar

Getting a rhinoplasty has been something I’ve been wanting to do from a very young age. I was never confident about my side profile. After searching for the perfect doctor I found dr. Aboolian. His work looked amazing and so natural and that’s what I wanted. My surgery day I thought I’d be so nervous but the staff and dr. Aboolian made me feel so so comfortable that I wasn’t worried about anything except being hungry lol. I was so ready and confident thanks to all the amazing people in the OR. I am so happy with my results it’s everything that I’ve dreamt of. I highly recommend dr. Andre aboolian for any plastic surgery work he’s the absolute best.

The Hripskiii Experience 7/02/2019
Hripsime Mkrtchyan Avatar

positive review  Getting a rhinoplasty has been something I’ve been wanting to do from a very young age. I was never confident about my side profile. After searching for the perfect doctor I found dr. Aboolian. His work looked amazing and so natural and that’s what I wanted. My surgery day I thought I’d be so nervous but the staff and dr. Aboolian made me feel so so comfortable that I wasn’t worried about anything except being hungry lol. I was so ready and confident thanks to all the amazing people in the OR. I am so happy with my results it’s everything that I’ve dreamt of. I highly recommend dr. Andre aboolian for any plastic surgery work he’s the absolute best.

Hripsime Mkrtchyan 7/02/2019
Ani Avetisyan Avatar

positive review  I had my IPL and chemical peel done with Dr.Aboolian and I love my results!!! My skin feels amazing. The office is very organized and Dr.Aboolian is the very best! Highly recommend him!

Ani Avetisyan 6/25/2019
Benjamin Jacob Avatar

positive review  Dr Aboolian is simply amazing. I have been a patient of his for years, and every experience has been nothing short of perfect. His calm, confident demeanor alleviated any nervous feelings, he was easy to talk to and always accessible. I never had a doubt that my best interest were in his mind. Most importantly, he delivers- he is as good as it gets at what he does. Everyone that I have referred has had the same stellar experience. I feel like I am the lucky one to have found him. he entire staff is so patient, knowledgeable and friendly. I could go on and on praising Dr Aboolian and his beautiful staff!! Highly recommend!!

Benjamin Jacob 6/25/2019
Libby Tamar Avatar

positive review  This review is long overdue, I have had the pleasure of being Dr Aboolian’s patient for over 10 years and I still feel so fortunate to have found him! His reassuring, patient and calm demeanor puts me at ease, I know I am always getting an honest opinion, he is never one to push a product or procedure- it’s just not his style. I have made a appointments for a procedure, but if he thinks I don’t need it- he will tell me and maybe even talk me out of it.
I had a breast augmentation, which 10 years later still looks incredible. Everything that he promised, he delivered. My breasts look so natural, most people could never tell that I have implants. Every procedure, every treatment over 10 years, not once have I left unhappy with the results. Never!! I know that I will look natural every time. I see so many people with overdone faces or horrible implants, nose jobs that are disastrous and it is scary to trust someone to alter your look, but I am lucky to never have to worry. I know that I am in the best hands. Dr Aboolian is so incredible, such a genuine, caring person, that he came in on a Saturday morning - in response to a frantic text from me to perform a procedure on my 3 year old. He was so genuinely patient, so calming and most importantly saved my son from a horrible scar, which his pediatrician thought was almost unavoidable. I have had several friends go to him and everyone has been just as pleased as I am. I am so lucky to have met Dr Aboolian and after my first consultation with him, I knew I did not need to see any more doctors. Once you meet him for yourself, you will understand. The person that you trust with your face, your body- the one you trust to perform a life changing procedure should be the best you can find and for me that is Dr Aboolian.

Aside from being a incredibly skilled surgeon, he is a wonderful human being, he will always make time to see me, never rush me, never forgets any detail and always speaks to me like more than a doctor, but a caring friend. I adore him!!
Now for his BEAUTIFUL staff, they are just as incredible, always making me feel so welcomed, so easy to talk to and will go out of their way to accommodate me anyway they can. Highly recommend!!

Libby Tamar 6/25/2019
Mehrnaz K. Avatar

1 star rating Aboolian is a thief and these reviews are fake!! He does a botched job and then disrespects the patients if you confront him.. he charged  me cash for my surgery and then charged my insurance 60k on top and did a Botched ass job!!  You are a scam Aboolian and your work is terrible..  he has been a doctor stealing from insurance for over 15 years but only has 30 reviews and they are all 5 stars?? Lol fake reviews by his friends and family.. look how terrible his work is.. He botched my surgery for sure.. rude thief

Mehrnaz K. 6/25/2019
Nicole Creamer Avatar

Dr. Aboolian came highly recommended by a friend and he lived up to the recommendation! He (and his team) is fantastic. He is warm, courteous and incredibly knowledgeable. He is readily available before and after your procedure to answer any and all of your questions so that you are 100% comfortable at all times. And the results are incredible and natural. Highly recommend!

Nicole Creamer 6/07/2019
Nicole Simonian Avatar

positive review  Dr. Aboolian (and his team) is fantastic. He is warm, courteous and incredibly knowledgeable. He is readily available before and after your procedure to chat and answer any and all of your questions so that you are 100% comfortable at all times during the process. Highly recommend!

Nicole Simonian 6/07/2019
jana r. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Aboolian and his staff are amazing. Dr. Aboolian is giving great consultations and you never feel like you're being sold anything that wouldn't look good. I have been coming here for years and wouldn't go anywhere else.

jana r. 6/04/2019
Melineh H. Avatar

5 star rating I have a client that has fabulous & natural looking lips and every time we are in a meeting I find myself staring at them (in a non creepy way of course) She recommended Dr. Aboolian to me and I quickly made an appt.My priority was NOT to look like I fell in a bee hive. I am over the moon with my results!+Dr. Aboolian looks more like a handsome Persian Singer than your typical disgruntled looking Dr. which is always calming and pleasant.+Amazing bedside manner. Dr. Aboolian was Super nice, funny & honest. Most importantly, Dr. Aboolian completed exactly what I wanted and it looks natural and perfect for my face.+Super Friendly Staff. Front desk and Nurses were all super cool and welcoming.  +Located in easy to access building in beverly Hills- great valet parking+Beautiful Office! As an interior designer, I really enjoyed the decor. Understated glamour.+ Mostly painless due to the numbing cream the nurse applied- you just feel a pinch.+NO bruising! I have had restylane injected in my lips before via other dr.s and normally experiencing some bruising. Dr. Aboolian was gentle and I walked out w/ out gauze pads glued to my mouth. He does various procedures btw- I would def. recommend him!

Melineh H. 6/04/2019