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Charles K. Avatar

5 star rating Very happy with my surgery, very helpful staff when it comes to working with the clients to find a good price plan, and very happy to have Dr. Aboolian as my surgeon.

Charles K. 11/18/2021
Lil P. Avatar

5 star rating I'd like to start by saying that Dr. Aboolian is one of the most incredible doctors! He is absolutely amazing, he is so knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable. Just by the first consultation I knew I did not want to go by anyone else. After my procedure, he followed up with me continuously. He called me every few hours to check on me which I truly appreciated. The staff was also incredible and so patient throughout the whole process! My results are better than what I could have ever dreamt of! He is a true artist and knows exactly how to make a woman look and feel natural. I could not be more happy with my results. I trust him fully and would highly recommend him! I can't thank you enough Dr. Aboolian! I love you all!!

Lil P. 10/21/2021
Valerie H. Avatar

5 star rating Went for my 6 month follow up today, Dr did a removal of breast implants i had for 22 years!, I also had him do my stomach, and flank liposuction! Dr Aboolian is such a great doctor, and his staff and Yalda are all so nice!! I am so happy with my results. He did an amazing job, and I highly recommend Dr.Aboolian

Valerie H. 10/14/2021
Alexa S. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Aboolian is the best! I had to go to the ER for emergency stitches, and when they were done incorrectly, Dr. Aboolian so kindly squeezed me in THE NEXT DAY! This was literally impossible to find. He calmed me down and fixed the stitches, then followed up very attentively with multiple appointments to watch the healing. He does and amazing job, makes himself very easy to reach, and is highly intelligent and fun to speak to.

Alexa S. 10/06/2021
Madison M. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Aboolian did an incredible job on my under eye filler. No bruising at all and the results are exactly how I wanted. I won't go to anyone else for filler. Highly recommend!

Madison M. 7/27/2021
Mar F. Avatar

5 star rating I researched extensively and met with most of the celebrity surgeons before settling w Dr Aboolian for my mini face lift. Im in my late 40's. and had talked to Dr Aboolian when I was 40 and at that time he said No I dont need it and wont take my money. At 46 came back and he said Ok we can do it now. I heard he has done the faces of major beautiful stars so after extensive research, I did it!!! Could not be HAPPIER!! My face is not pulled in a weird way or distorted like other surgeons work. Instead my face is softly and naturally pulled up and BEAUTIFUL!! strangers smile at me for no reason! My full trust is in Dr Aboolian, I would never let anyone else touch my face. Do not try to save money on your face, cus its staying with you for the rest of your life. Dont take chances with anyone else! So thankful for such an awesome surgeon, professional, kind, honest and SKILLED to make you look like you did 20 yrs ago! A stranger asked me if my son was my brother! What a compliment!!!

Mar F. 7/10/2021
Nazanin A. Avatar

5 star rating 100% Dr. Aboolian and his team. I really would add more stars if I could. From the initial consultation to now, which is my second post op appointment, every interaction, phone call, appointment, and the surgery has been smooth and comfortable.
My results are amazing, and the whole experience was perfect.
Thank you, Dr. Aboolian, Yalda, Edita and Shakeh. I appreciate you and all your patience and compassion. Surgery is scary but rest assured with Dr. Aboolian you are in good hands. Thank you again

Nazanin A. 7/06/2021
Ejmin A. Avatar

5 star rating Thank you so much for everything! I'm very happy with how my procedure went and recommended Dr. Aboolian to everyone. Felt like I was part of the family and everyone checked on me all the time. It was very clean and professional and My results are more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Ejmin A. 6/24/2021
Charles C. Avatar

5 star rating Absolutely fabulous experience. Dr. Aboolian is not only a brilliant surgeon, but he's a genuine human being who communicates with patients with the same respect. His work is precise. He has earned my trust. It shows in his work, which looks magnificent. I'm a return patient, as my first experience was as great, 10 years ago. Now, I've got even more confidence after a truly successful surgery, that I owe all to Dr. Aboolian.

His office is meticulous, and team is friendly and efficient. Yalda was so fantastic to work with from start to finish. Can't say enough about this group.

Charles C. 6/23/2021
Aimee T. Avatar

1 star rating I originally had my implant placed back in 2006 when Dr Aboolian truly stood up to his name. Now it seems he cherry picks his clients which in turn after 27 years definitely has built up to do but why he has a 5 star rating. My implant ruptured in 2019 in which i went to his office to discuss the replacement or removal. i explained my autoimmune disorder, allergies and my medical conditions at this time. all of which he said i don't see this to be a problem. during this time i broke into a lichen planus rash which covered my torso. my immune system had obviously kicked into overdrive and was reacting to something. now i can not say it was the rupture which was saline. as nobody knows. this had me push back my surgery. during which time i also was seen because i had a lymph node that had raised concerns during my mammogram. all of which i not only emailed my records but kept Dr Aboolian up to date. we had a discussion over me possibly having a mastectomy do to my history and the thoughts of the doctors. once the doctors discovered my lymph node that was raised was due to reactive vs cancerous. i was again cleared to have surgery. reactive from more than likely the ruptured breast implant placed by Dr Aboolian. i scheduled my appointment to finally have the surgery and paid my deposit. here is where the first red flag came from the office. my rate from what was quoted had gone up. they did not mention it over the phone or discuss this with me. bait and switch after my deposit was paid. then on the small fine print which i paid my deposit over phone via credit card a 2.4% fee for credit cards. red flag 2 again not discussed. i told the office again my allergies and how i have been treated by orthapedic surgeons in the past. how over the last 10 major surgeries my doctors have used the high power antibiotic since i can't take the pill form and benadryl during the surgery. no big deal! i've done this plenty of times and more major than plastics. the front office said yes i have let the doctor know he will get back to you friday and i will send you our contract. well friday came and went and not a word. come Tuesday still no work so i called the office. i get oh ya the doctor will call you and sent the 61 page contract. all red flags since they had my deposit, in take my allergies had already been discussed but waiting a week prior to surgery. the office staff forgot to email the contract or even have the doctor get back to me. i get the contract and i can hardly get past the first page. now my writing always need a good edit but i never proof read what i write. even on this post i probably need a revision or two but i'm doing it on my phone NOT a contract. i emailed the office and said ummm has anyone ever mentioned all the spelling and grammatical errors in this? another red flag was always call us. they never put anything in writing. their excuse was they use the templates from the board of plastic surgery. even their thank you letter. real personal office like he claims on his website. i finally got a call from Dr Aboolian on Wednesday

Aimee T. 6/16/2021
Aparna B. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Aboolian and his staff are amazing. I love my new nose and I can already see a difference in my breathing. The whole process was transparent and simple. Dr. Aboolian and his staff answered all of my questions and were very helpful throughout the whole process. Overall I would highly recommend, as Dr. Aboolian and his team are the best!

Aparna B. 6/08/2021
Mikaela B. Avatar

5 star rating Been coming to Dr aboolian for years. He's very patient and always listens to my concerns and is very honest and thorough with what he thinks is most suitable. He has a very natural approach which love. He keeps me looking young and beautiful! Thank you Dr!

Mikaela B. 5/03/2021
Rita O. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Andre Aboolian changed my life! I was very insecure about a part of my body and he was able to help me through my challenge. After I had my surgery I was so happy with the results and the care I was given by Dr. Aboolian and his team. I was given all the information I wanted and was also helped further. His team is like a family and have made me feel very comfortable over the past couple of months with my journey. I would definitely recommend anyone to come visit him regarding any plastic surgery you want to have. He won't judge you and will help you through everything. He's a kid hearted person and very approachable for any concerns you might have. He made me feel comfortable with my circumstances and I can't be happier with my results physically and emotionally. I was nervous going into surgery as it would be my first time going under the knife and under anesthesia as a teen, but everyone that day made me feel comfortable and safe. I couldn't have made a better decision then coming to him. He was there for me even after my surgery calling in to check how I was doing and would text me back if I had any questions or concerns after the procedure. I am roughly 3 weeks post op and couldn't be happier with the results. He's the best, thank you Dr. Aboolian!

Rita O. 4/27/2021
Iskuhi G. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Aboolian and Stuff.
Thank you very much for bringing my confidence back. Dr. Aboolian is an hones, kind and very professional and i am thrilled with the results of my surgery. Thank you all for being very professional, very kind and carrying at the same time. Thank you All

Iskuhi G. 4/22/2021
Phillip C. Avatar

5 star rating Doctor Andre Aboolian is hands down the best board certified Plastic / reconstructive surgeon! I called him since previous breast surgeries (not from him) were causing me a lot of pain and looked unsightly-- he said he could fix them. I met with Dr. Aboolian and his staff February 2021 he did my consult, , his office handled my paperwork, gave me instructions to follow and got my prescriptions. I had my surgery the next day everything went well, he and his office are amazing, and they treated me & my husband like family. He called multiple times after my surgery to check on me. I am 6 weeks out of having surgery and no pain, I feel great, looking better every day. I will only use him as my plastic surgeon! I am so thankful to him and his staff!! Maria C.

Phillip C. 3/25/2021
L M. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Aboolian and his staff are truly the best. They make you feel at home and at ease throughout the whole process. I highly recommend his office and his artistry to everyone. Dr. Aboolian listens to his patients needs and delivers to satisfaction. I highly recommend his practice. He is truly one of the kind.

L M. 2/22/2021
SoCal M. Avatar

1 star rating Since it's been almost a year, the scars have settled in color and are no longer red, but white, distinguishing scar tissue vs areola tissue so it is obvious no lift was done at all as there is still areola tissue peripheral to the scars on both sides. He did not do a lift at all. My capsular contracture is worse and painful.

SoCal M. 2/13/2021
Brooke E. Avatar

5 star rating Dr Aboolian is the absolute BEST plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.

I had a botched (2X) very traumatic breast implant case with another surgeon that many other top plastic surgeons told me was hopeless and would most likely end in Necrosis if they were to operate on me to correct it. They also told me I would need a replacement implant for good results.

After years of torment and not knowing what to do, a friend highly recommended me to talk to Dr. Aboolian. He could not have been nicer, more compassionate, caring and trustworthy. He assured me that he could operate on me, remove the implants completely, do a lift and that the surgery would not result in necrosis.

The surgery went amazing and the results are great, especially considering what a complicated case it was. I am back to my natural breast, except a much better shape than before, and with no implant! Additionally he did an eyelid lift and I am very happy with the results. No one can tell I did anything, but they tell me I look so much younger. Also, he did Botox and filler which was better than any other doctor I have gone to before. I'm 33, but my friend recently told me I look younger than I do when I met him (when I was 17 )

Also, I recently burned my hand and arm very badly. I texted dr Aboolian at 10pm that night and he immediately called me and called a prescription in to the pharmacy. He continues to check in on me even though that's not what I am seeing him for. Also, after my surgery he called me every day for probably a week to make sure I was okay.

Dr Aboolian is so kind, he is not your typical BH Surgeon. He is super down to earth, mellow, caring, and extremely talented. I have been to many other doctors, and he is hands down the best. I will never even think of going to another plastic surgeon. I trust Dr Aboolian with my life.

Look no further, You are in the best hands with Dr Aboolian!

Brooke E. 2/06/2021
Nour A. Avatar

5 star rating I first met Dr. Aboolian and his staff November 2019 as I was doing research for a surgeon. Immediately I felt comfortable and welcomed by the girls in the office. Dr. Aboolian is the most honest, genuine, and kind surgeon out there which from my research is really hard to find, especially in Los Angeles. He takes every patient into consideration as their own unique case and goes out of his way to ensure that every patient is knowledgeable in what he's about to do along with making sure that you are comfortable and happy with your results by establishing a friendship full of communication with you. You can tell he really loves what he does and isn't in it for the money or business.

He answers and welcomes every question you have. You will never leave his office confused or scared for your procedure. From the day of your 1st consultation all the way to your recovery, he is there and present FOR YOU.

I never had surgery before this, so I was afraid of going under the knife, but he made me feel comfortable by making sure I had all the information and answers beforehand and I realized that I was in really good hands.

I have had 3 different surgeries (one in 2019 and two in 2020) with Dr. Aboolian and I am in LOVE with my results for every single one. I cannot thank him enough for helping me achieve the results I wanted! Dr. Aboolian is the B E S T and I am soo thankful to have him on this journey with me, truly one of a kind and is amazing at what he does!

Nour A. 1/12/2021
Meganoosh K. Avatar

5 star rating I had a great experience at Dr. Aboolian's office. Dr. Aboolian and his staff are wonderful. He is extremely knowledgeable, very skilled, super honest and patient. All my questions were answered patiently. Very good bedside manner. The staff is very professional, nice and well-trained. I had blepharoplasty and liposuction a month ago and can't wait to see the final results. I would highly recommend Dr. Aboolian.

Meganoosh K. 12/29/2020
Arianna D. Avatar

5 star rating I just had a rhinoplasty done by Dr. Aboolian and I can't thank him enough for his work and caring nature throughout the whole process. Not only did he make sure my surgery was successful. He also took time to call multiple times the following days after surgery to ensure I am ok. I had difficulties breathing properly and only 2 weeks out, I can already tell the difference with my breathing and the positive effects it is having on my quality of life. I would not have trusted any other Doctor with my nose and highly recommend anyone considering any plastic surgery to visit Dr. A. You will not be disappointed!

Arianna D. 12/23/2020
Jack C. Avatar

5 star rating the best plastic surgeon in beverly hills!! i am so so happy with my rhinoplasty results. he helped fix my breathing issues and also gave me the most perfect nose that still looks manly which is exactly what i wanted. doctor aboolian gave me exactly what i asked for. he is the nicest and most caring plastic surgeon out there. he checked up on me every single day post surgery to make sure i was healing normally. you will not find a more caring doctor who actually cares about his patients. i am so thankful i chose him as my doctor!!

Jack C. 12/22/2020
Aydan C. Avatar

5 star rating Dr. Aboolian was recommended to me by a friend, and I could not be more grateful. He really listened to what I wanted, and I am so happy with my results. Dr. Aboolian is very honest, and does not try to push something that a patient is not ready for. He was available at all times for my questions/concerns, which is not something you will find with every doctor. His entire team is so kind, and both he and his team truly care about their patients. I could not recommend him enough!

Aydan C. 12/22/2020
Lisa K. Avatar

1 star rating Please do not go to this doctor for Breast implants ! He messed up my breast so bad that I have to spend more money to fix his problem ! This doctor is not on his breast game ! When his coordinator Talia admits that he specializes in noses not breast ! Run for the fucking hills ! After surgery my breast are so uneven it is disgusting !
He is that type of guy that does anything for money ! And I see I am not the first person he has done this too !
He tries to tell you that you had a ruptured implants and that he saved you ! Bullshit ! Shame on him for not being pure and honest at what he does ! He told me that I am very sensitive and that I have the issue ! Well news flash ! When u receive plastic surgery it's to better the look of the situation not worsen it ! And if we as patients were a case that he could not handle then deny us the surgery ! I want my money back !

Lisa K. 10/07/2020