Neck Contouring

Dr. Aboolian may recommend one of these proven procedures:

  • Neck lift
  • Neck liposuction
  • Neck tightening (plastysmaplasty)

The treatment of choice is based on your problem and your aesthetic goals. Patients with good skin tone and localized fat in the neck are candidates for liposuction only or liposuction with neck tightening.

How this Procedure Works

Dr. Aboolian will recommend the right technique for you based on a thorough examination of your neck and a discussion of your goals for your neck’s cosmetic surgery. If liposuction is the right choice, the tumescent technique is employed to minimize the recovery time and post-operative discomfort. Neck tightening (plastysmaplasty) is a good choice for those who exhibit vertical bands on the neck or weakening of the neck muscles, leading to a “gobbler” or “turkey neck.”


With a neck lift or facelift, Dr. Aboolian can address problems related to loose, wrinkled skin. If the skin is too excessive or wrinkled, it is best treated by excision with a neck lift. For patients who are facelift candidates, neck contouring is part of the procedure. With any of these procedures, the results are immediate, with the maximum effect noticed in seven to ten days.

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