The Confidence of Youth with the Help of a Skilled Plastic Surgeon

How Facelift Surgery Works

There are several variations of facelift techniques. Dr. Aboolian and our Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice strive toward obtaining the best and longest-lasting effects by repositioning all the deep structures in addition to re-draping the skin around the face and neck; this technique is called deep plane facelift. For the deep plane facelift, the incisions are made just in front and behind the ears and extend to hide within the hairline without changing the hairline position. During a facelift the cheeks are elevated, folds are flattened, jowls tightened, the neck is contoured, and excess skin is removed and re-draped. The result is a younger and fresher appearance.
Face Lift In Beverly Hills
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Who Can Benefit from a Facelift?

Most patients are between 40-60 years old. They have a significant degree of sagging tissue in the lower face, leading to conditions such as sagging cheeks, deep “smile lines,” jowls, and loose neck skin. These signs of aging can be improved with a facelift.* If you’re interested in this procedure, you should be a healthy, non-smoker, with realistic expectations about cosmetic surgery.

A facelift by a plastic surgeon can help restore the look of your youth by selectively reversing the many signs of agingin the face, including:

  • Sagging, wrinkles, and jowls.
  • Deepening of the nasolabial folds—creases on the sides of the nose that extend to the corners of the mouth, commonly known as “smile lines.”
  • The weakening of the neck muscles, resulting in the development of the “gobble or turkey neck.”

It should be noted that facelifts do not correct the visible signs of again in the upper face; therefore it is most commonly done, if needed, in conjunction with upper and lower eyelid surgery, brow lift, or forehead lift. For those who want to improve their skin texture and skin tone, there is skin resurfacing using either chemical peels or lasers also.

What to Expect After Your Face Lift

After a facelift, there will be some degree of swelling and bruising, and recovery times vary. Post-operatively, patients recover in our comfortable recovery room under the supervision of nurses and anesthesiologists. Most patients are discharged home after their operation with detailed instructions.

For those with major surgery or multiple surgeries, or those requesting further care after discharge from the recovery room, there are private duty nurses to help you through a safe and comfortable recovery.

For out of town patients, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Aboolian has access to some private overnight recovery facilities in Southern California that are specially trained to provide you with the best and the most conscientious nursing care.

After the recovery period, if you have had a facelift combined with another procedure mentioned—eyelid surgery, brow lift, or forehead lift—the outward signs of aging may be reduced by approximately 8 to 12 years.

Learn More About Face Lift Surgery

To learn more about a facelift in Beverly Hills, contact the office of plastic surgeon Dr. Andre Aboolian to learn more about your options.

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