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Beverly Hills Ear Pinning Surgery

Procedures to achieve more aesthetically pleasing ears include pinning the lobes for earrings, repairing torn ears or earlobes, reducing earlobe size, and correcting prominent or protruding ears, known as otoplasty. The most common ear surgery our plastic surgeon performs is the repair of torn earlobes as a result of wearing large earrings or trauma to the ear itself. Adults who have tears to the earlobes from wearing large earrings or from other trauma can benefit from corrective earlobe surgery, and those with protruding ears on one or both sides can benefit from otoplasty to correct the ear’s shape and bring proportion to the ears and face.
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How is Ear Surgery Done?

Most corrective ear or earlobe surgery can be performed in Dr. Aboolian’s Beverly Hills office under local anesthesia.

However, otoplasty is performed in a surgical suite under deeper levels of anesthesia. For those with protruding ears, the cartilage—the supporting tissue of the ears—is reshaped in order to position your ears closer to your head. Incisions for otoplasty are generally made behind the ears.

Dr. Aboolian performs most of his surgeries at the Multispecialty Surgical Group operating room, which is located next to his office. This setup allows for maximum safety as the patients are seen by board-certified anesthesiologists and operating room nurses before and after the operations; it also allows for maximum comfort and privacy for the patient.


Recovering from Earlobe Repair or Otoplasty

Post-operatively, patients recover from ear surgery in our comfortable recovery room under the supervision of nurses and anesthesiologists. Most patients are discharged home after their operation with detailed instructions.

For those with major surgery or multiple surgeries, or those requesting further care after discharge from the recovery room, there are private duty nurses to help you through a safe and comfortable recovery.

Dr. Aboolian and our Beverly Hills plastic surgery team have access to some private overnight recovery facilities in Southern California that are specially trained to provide you with the best and the most conscientious nursing care. Such facilities are mostly used by our own out of town patients, but are also available to all patients upon request.

Ear surgery for protruding ears gives almost immediate results once the dressings are taken off. The ear is positioned closer to the head, and scars are hidden behind the ear or in the natural creases of the ear.

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