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Chin Implants in Beverly Hills

Chin surgery, also known as mentoplasty, reshapes the chin either by enhancement with an implant or reduction surgery on the bone to make the chin proportional with the rest of the patient’s face. Chin surgery is for patients with a small chin or an overly prominent chin. A weak chin, a condition known as “microgenia,” can make other facial features appear larger than normal. If your chin is not in proportion with the rest of your face, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon may be able to help you.
Chin Enhancment Surgery
Doctor Checking Patients Chin For Potential Chin Implant

How Chin Surgery is Carried Out

The contour of the chin can be reshaped to be smaller and smoother or be more prominent by the placement of various sizes of implants. Incisions for both procedures are placed inside the mouth thus making them invisible to others. For a small chin, which is one that seems to disappear into the neck, chin implants are used to increase the size and projection of a chin. When Dr. Aboolian feels it is necessary, chin surgery can be done in conjunction with nose surgery to achieve better facial balance.

Before And After Chin Implant

Chin Implants in Beverly Hills

Dr. Aboolian performs most of his surgeries at the Multispecialty Surgical Group operating room, which is located next to his office in Beverly Hills. This allows for maximum safety as the patients are seen by board-certified anesthesiologists and operating room nurses before and after the operations.

After surgery, dressings are usually applied that remain on for a few days. You will experience some tenderness and chewing may be limited for several days.

Post-operatively, patients recover from chin surgery in our comfortable recovery room under the supervision of nurses and anesthesiologists. Most patients are discharged home after their operation with detailed instructions.

For those with major surgery or multiple surgeries, or those requesting further care after discharge from the recovery room, there are private duty nurses to help you through a safe and comfortable recovery.

Dr. Aboolian has access to some private overnight recovery facilities in Southern California that are specially trained to provide you with the best and the most conscientious nursing care. Such facilities are mostly used by our own out of town patients but are also available to all patients upon request.

After the recovery period, chin surgery will give you more balance to your facial features so that you feel better about the way you look. Your chin will look more in proportion to the rest of your facial features.

Call the Beverly Hills plastic surgery team working with Dr. Aboolian today at (310) 888-8862 to learn if this procedure is right for you, and schedule your consultation.

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