Breathing Problem Correction

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Beverly Hills Breathing Problem Corrections

Obstructed breathing is a common problem that brings patients to a plastic or reconstructive surgeon for correction. There are several procedures that Dr. Aboolian can perform to correct different breathing problems and improve the patient’s quality of life.

There are many possible causes of nasal obstruction. Before considering one of these surgical procedures, you may need to see your primary physician to rule out underlying causes that could be resolved. For many patients, the obstruction cannot be resolved without surgery, in which case the plastic surgeon may recommend one of these procedures.

Breathing Problem Corrections In Bevery Hills


Septoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects nasal airway obstruction, a condition that is typically caused by septal deviation. When a person has normal, unobstructed breathing, the cartilage of the septum is straight and balanced. For some people, either due to trauma or from birth, the cartilage gets damaged and becomes asymmetrical. Throughout the growth pattern, this septal deviation increasingly affects the nasal airway and breathing. Septoplasty is a procedure that corrects this deviation by reshaping the nasal cartilage and bone. It can be performed under local or general anesthesia.

Some health insurance policies may cover a procedure to resolve nasal/breathing obstruction. Ask your health insurance provider for more details.


The turbinals are thin, curved shells of bone covered in a mucous membrane, which resides in the nasal cavity. Enlargement of the turbinals can cause nasal obstruction. This obstruction can be inherent or occur after rhinoplasty. By surgically reducing the bone and mucosa of these structures, the obstruction in breathing can be resolved.

Cartilage Grafting (Widening Airway/Nostrils)

Spreader grafts are used in nose surgery to correct nasal obstruction. This procedure may be indicated if the nasal cartilage is weak, causing it to collapse. In other cases, the nasal cavity is narrow or asymmetrical. These problems can be inherent, age-related, or caused by surgical alteration. A spreader graft can be placed on one or both sides of the nose to widen the airway. A graft of cartilage and skin is placed in the deficient area of the nasal valve

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