Women Want to Know: “What is a Lollipop Breast Lift?”

The lollipop breast lift is one of several options for women looking to return their breasts to their youthful appearance. This surgical procedure is often used to provide just the right amount of shaping with the most minimal incision lines possible.

Designed for women who require a medium amount of surgical correction, the lollipop breast lift involves a surgical incision in a ring around the areola, as well as a straight incision running from the bottom of the areola to the middle of the breast crease. This allows for greater flexibility and adaptability, while keeping the size of the incisions as small as possible and allowing them to be hidden under swimwear or underwear.

Lollipop Breast Lift a Commonly Requested Technique

Lollipop Breast Lift SurgeryThe lollipop breast lift is often requested specifically by women, who appreciate the size of the effect it can have, and often feel that the result is worth the small vertical line on the bottom of the breast.

Breast lifts are performed with two other main techniques, which the lollipop breast lift falls squarely between. For small adjustments, the Benelli lift may be performed, which involves only an incision around the areola. The limited access and flexibility of this procedure makes it only a good alternative for some patients.

Conversely, one of the most common techniques for larger adjustments during breast lifts is the anchor incision pattern. This technique involves the same incisions as the lollipop breast lift, but adds a horizontal incision running along the breast crease, creating a distinctive anchor pattern.

In addition to the breast lift procedure, some of these techniques may be used for breast reductions as well, particularly the anchor pattern.Breast augmentation techniques are much more varied, and are specifically designed to minimize and hide incisions.

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