Women Inspired to Breast Reduction by Victoria Beckham


Woman In FashionWith increased attention to breast reductions in popular culture and new breakthrough surgical techniques, more women are now choosing to undergo the procedure.

Possibly due to the outspoken decisions of celebrities such as Denise Richards, Queen Latifah, Drew Barrymore and Victoria Beckham (pictured), to get these procedures, more women have been seeking out breast reduction. By reducing the size of one or both breasts, surgeons are often able to create a more proportionate contour for a better overall result.

Breast Reduction Surgery Used for More Proportional Body Contours

In a recent article by Health News Digest, Dr. Oscar Ochoa, a board-certified surgeon, stated that “unusually large breasts can cause cosmetic concerns, medical problems and self-esteem issues for many women. The goal of every breast reduction procedure … is to create an aesthetic and flattering breast shape while achieving a more proportioned breast size.”

And when compared to other cosmetic surgery procedures, breast reductions have some of the highest satisfaction rates, as the results are noticeable, with many women feeling immediately that significant weight has been lifted from their shoulders. The breast reduction surgery may often be performed in a minimally invasive way, with a smaller, less noticeable incision and decreased potential for scarring. This decreases the recovery time, allowing women to return to their normal lives more quickly.

In order to give the best and most customized results, many women opt to add a breast lift or targeted liposuction to their procedure. This breast lift can help to raise and firm the tissue which is already present in the breast, and the liposuction can help to remove excess breast tissue in a minimally invasive way. Liposuction may also be applied to excess fat deposits around the chest, in order to best accent the changes that are made during the breast reduction.

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