What’s the Best Plastic Surgery Age?

As seniors enter their Golden Years and beyond, more of them are turning to plastic surgery as a means to hold on to the vibrancy of their youth, according to The New York Times.

Happy Woman In Their 60s

People who often wonder about the best plastic surgery age may be surprised about how many patients undergoing cosmetic procedures are in their 70s and even older. The most popular facial procedures among seniors are a facelift to remove jowls, eyelid surgery to correct loose skin or bags and a forehead lift, which corrects a descending brow.

The most popular body procedures among seniors are also highly popular among younger groups. These include liposuction and tummy tuck to remove excess fat and loose skin on the midsection. Breast surgeries like lifts and reductions are also popular. Somewhat interesting, too, is the fact that breast augmentation is favorable among senior women.

One patient who felt at 83 that she was at the best age for plastic surgery is Marie, who has more than two dozen children and grandchildren. In an effort to help her “children to be proud of what I look like,” Marie underwent a breast lift with augmentation, which lifted her breasts and restored lost volume.

Are seniors at the best plastic surgery age?

While some may worry that the older you get, the higher the rate of complications from surgery, not all research points that way. In fact, some in their 70s, 80s and even older may be at the best plastic surgery age as long as they have maintained a healthy lifestyle.

Two different studies, one published published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the other by the Cleveland Clinic found seniors were at no greater risk for complications than their younger counterparts when screened properly.

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