VIDEO: Body Contouring Helps Patient Who Has Lost “Big”

Body contouring can be a necessary step after dramatic weight loss, according to KXAN.

In an interview with KXAN, plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden discussed body slimming procedures she performed on a noted Biggest Loser contestant who lost 129 lbs. on the reality weight loss show.

After losing the weight, Olivia Ward struggled with the excess skin many weight loss patients deal with. Dr. Walden described how many patients may look “deflated” or feel like a “sack of skin.” It can be difficult to fit into certain types of clothing, like lingerie and health issues can also come up. These conditions can include rashes that form in skin folds.

Due to these concerns, Dr. Walden stresses that body contouring for patients who have lost a dramatic amount of weight is not a vanity surgery—she would classify it as reconstructive.

To remedy Olivia’s redundant skin, Dr. Walden says she performed a tummy tuck and breast lift. In both of these surgeries, the excess skin is separated from the tissues and removed. The plastic surgeon may also use liposuction to remove small, stubborn pockets of fat. The remaining skin is then tightened to ensure a more taut-looking appearance. In the case of a tummy tuck and breast lift, the bellybutton and nipple areola may need to be moved to a higher position, respectively.

Though later pregnancy can affect the look of the body, those who have undergone previous body contouring after major weight loss will only require a smaller procedure post-baby, if they desire.

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