Using an Inverted “T” Incision for Tummy Tuck Patients

Confident WomanWhen performing a tummy tuck procedure, the standard incision is placed horizontally across thestomach, stretching from hip to hip. Certain cases may be best served through a small vertical incision extending up from the horizontal incision, known as an inverted “T” incision.

Also referred to as an “anchor pattern” tummy tuck, this procedure offers several benefits to the patient in exchange for the addition of a small vertical scar. Use of this technique may help provide the best overall results for many patients.

Anchor Pattern Tummy Tuck Offers Procedure Customization

According to board-certified surgeons on the popular and trusted website, there are several benefits to the use of this “T” incision method. One of the main benefits is the ability to draw the sides of the waist in toward the middle of the stomach, slimming and tightening the overall appearance. This provides an additional dimension of skin tightening in the horizontal direction, which can help to give a better profile. The traditional tummy tuck surgery only tightens in a vertical direction, giving only slight horizontal tightening.

This procedure may be recommended in some cases when there is a particularly large amount of excess skin below the navel, but not enough excess skin above the navel to allow for a traditional tummy tuck incision and procedure. Several doctors feel that a small vertical incision is offset by allowing the long horizontal incision to be made lower on the body, ensuring that it will be hidden underneath underwear and swimwear.

The inverted “T” tummy tuck is often performed on patients who have lost more than 100 pounds of weight. These patients may also require additional procedures, such as thigh lift, buttocks lift, arm lift, or breast lift, in order to achieve a uniform appearance. These procedures may be performed together or during separate surgical sessions.

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