UK Survey Says Early 50s Is Ideal Time for Plastic Surgery

Lady In Her 50sOne in three women said they are concerned enough with their appearance that they would consider plastic surgery, according to a UK survey covered in the Daily Mail. The sample from the survey included 3,000 women ages 40 to 65 and asked questions about specific procedures as well as the ideal celebrity appearance for women of a certain age.

Women over 40 selected model Twiggy as “the perfect advertisement” for women over 60. Meanwhile, editor of Saga Magazine, Emma Soames, who carried out the survey said Helen Mirren (and her well-publicized bikini photographs) put pressure on older women to look a certain way.

Perhaps photos like that, as well as a personal desire for increased self-confidence, are what push some women to consider plastic surgery. According to the survey, one-fifth of the women between 40 and 60 said they would get a facelift to combat signs of aging, while nearly a third said they would choose to look 20 years younger over being a millionaire.

Additionally, a quarter of the women surveyed expressed interest in an eyelift procedure, nearly one-third said they desired a tummy tuck and 29% who said they would not go under the knife favored Botox and chemical peels to appear younger.

More than just cosmetic procedures, the survey found women spend an average of £137 ($216) per year on anti-aging creams. Women over 50 are five times more likely to wear padded bras than their mothers at the same age, according to the survey, and 62% of women surveyed feel they are judged more harshly on appearance than previous generations.

The survey highlights a growing interest and acceptance of plastic surgery procedures, not only in the UK, but also around the world. To learn more about the increasing popularity of many of these procedures, contact Dr. Aboolian in his Beverly Hills practice.

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