Tummy Tucks Increasingly Popular in Britain and U.S.

Tummy At BeachAbdominoplasty, more widely known as tummy tuck, is an increasingly popular surgery in the US and around the world. A new report from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has revealed an increase in that country’s demand for tummy tucks: 15 percent among men and 7 percent among women. In a recent article on EIN News, Austin plastic surgeon Dr. Rocco Piazza says that this trend is reflected in his practice.

Tummy tuck surgery has improved significantly over the past decade. Some of the more recent innovations have meant that patients experience:

  • less strain on the skin and underlying tissues
  • shorter recovery times
  • superior, longer-lasting results
  • customized procedures that match an individual’s body type
  • combined surgical and non-surgical approaches for maximum results

One of the most appealing things about abdominoplasty is its ability to be combined with other body contouring surgeries, especially afterweight loss resulting from bariatric surgery. These include liposuction, which removes unwanted fatty deposits and smooths the contours of the body, and body lift surgery, which combines different procedures for an overall body transformation. Brazilian buttocks lifts often complement the outcomes offered by tummy tuck surgery.

Dr. Piazza usually attempts to offer his patients individualized body contouring surgeries. “Depending on the person’s body type and cosmetic goals, I perform varying amounts of contouring. While sculpting the abdominal skin flap, I make sure to provide the perfect degree of shaping to complement the person’s body.

“There are countless ways to personalize the procedure to match a person’s exact body type,” Dr. Piazza says.

While many surgeons can perform tummy tucks and similar surgeries, the best results can be achieved with a board-certified plastic surgeon. If you’re considering tummy tuck surgery, be sure to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon who has specialized in the field of body contouring.

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