Tattoo Removal Procedures on the Rise in the US

More Tattoo Removals Requested In Us And CaliforniaNorthwestern University recently conducted a survey which found that there are more then 45 million tattooed Americans. Of these tattooed citizens, over one quarter reported that they would like to get a tattoo removed. A recent press release from details many of the factors that may be involved in this phenomenon.

Other factors that may be contributing to the increased interest in tattoo removal is the increasingly competitive job market. These patients are looking for anything they can do to potentially increase their chances, including eliminating any visible tattoos that could prove a hindrance during the job search.

Male and Female Patients Removing More Tattoos

Patients of both genders have been receiving tattoo removal in ever-increasing numbers. One of the reasons for this may be the advancing age of those who first received tattoos a generation ago. The increase in popularity and general acceptance of tattooing at that time led to a spike in tattoo number, and may now be contributing to the increases in tattoo removal.

Those seeking tattoo removal are now hoping for a relatively painless, highly effective tattoo removal experience, something that has not always been the case in the past. Modern methods of tattoo removal are safe, comfortable and may be completed in only a few sessions.

Just as any other section of the skin, tattooed skin can show aging over time due to natural causes. In some cases, tattooed skin may show aging more clearly, as the changes are made more visible by the pigmentation in the skin. In these cases, other treatments such as dermal fillers, Botox, or various lifts may be helpful to address loose or excess skin.

Common locations of tattoos make arm lifts, thigh lifts and even body lifts excellent tattoo removal options in cases of excess skin removal. These procedures may be strategically done so that the removed skin effectively removes the tattoo.

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