Surgery to Look Like a Celebrity May Not Be For Everyone

Many fans are taking their love for a certain star one step further and requesting plastic surgery to look like a celebrity, according to the ASAPS.

Though many patients may not say they want plastic surgery to look like a celebrity in every way possible, many patients pick out certain aspects of a star’s look they admire. You just need to look to the cover of a magazine to see the most sought-after celeb facial features.

Hollywood Plastic Surgery

Commonly, women desire to have fuller lips, like Angelina Jolie. Plastic surgeons often useinjectable fillers to create a larger kissable area on the lips.

Jennifer Aniston’s body is also popular among women. To create a more toned midsection, your plastic surgeon may perform a tummy tuckto remove loose skin and liposuction to eradicate fat that will not go away despite diet and exercise.

Women are not alone in their desires to get plastic surgery to look like a celebrity. Men often undergo nose surgery or rhinoplasty when they desire a profile like Brad Pitt. Male Jersey Shore fans may choose body liposuction to create a more toned stomach, as well. In addition, procedures to create a more masculine chest, like male breast reduction and even chest implants for some men, are increasingly popular.

Should I Get Surgery to Look Like a Celebrity?

If you are interested in any sort of plastic surgery modeled after a star, however, it is important to have a frank conversation with your plastic surgeon. He will help you determine what is possible and what will best showcase your natural features. Please join the mailing list of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Aboolian to learn more about plastic surgery options.

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