Some Politicians Vie for New Botox Regulations

With Botox and similar injectables becoming so prevalent, some lawmakers would like to see an overhaul of the laws governing who can administer the treatments, and to whom.

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Botox is already a controlled substance, but in practice this means that only someone with a medical license can order the product. There are very few limitations on who can administer the shots, and while the injections are not particularly dangerous except in rare instances, a poorly placed injection can cause undesirable side effects.

Botox has made waves across the country and around the world. In China, it is frequently and openly administered by beauty parlors with no training or qualifications, which has led to widespread calls for stricter controls. Last year, the UK considered implementing tighterregulation on Botox, but this was ultimately dismissed for being too expensive to enforce.

Stateside, Botox regulation has become a hot topic in Texas and New Jersey, as politicians, doctors, and concerned citizens worry that the lack of controls is endangering many patients. The Texas Medical Board has considered making changes to the rules about who can perform cosmetic procedures involving prescription medications. This would include injectable fillers.

In New Jersey, legislators have introduced a bill that would ban Botox for minors, except in cases where a doctor affirms that the treatment is medically necessary. Before it became a popular cosmetic procedure, Botox was (and continues to be) used for a variety of medical purposes, including the treatment of certain migraines and cerebral palsy symptoms.

Botox regulation is supported by many people who fear that unscrupulous providers are capitalizing on the treatment’s rising popularity without taking into account the safety and ethical issues involved. You should always make sure that your Botox is being administered by an accredited professional with years of experience. Only these providers are qualified to target specific facial muscles and deliver predictable results with consistency.

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