Singer John Mayer Undergoes Botox Injections for Throat Treatment

John Mayer, the controversial and award-winning singer and songwriter recently made headlines by receiving Botox injections. Rather than treating facial wrinkles, however, Mayer received the injections to treat a problem with his throat.

John Mayer Botox Injections

Mayer recently developed a granuloma on his vocal chords, which interfered with his ability to sing and speak. This prompted him to cancel a planned tour in order to seek the proper treatment, which included Botox injections.

Botox Injections Help John Mayer’s Recovery

Mayer had the growth removed through a surgical procedure, but it soon returned, leading his doctors to suggest another treatment: Botox injections. This treatment was designed to help Mayer’s throat rest and recover.

According to Dr. Gwen Korovin, who treated Mayer’s granuloma, “The Botox actually doesn’t allow the vocal folds to meet. It paralyzes the muscles so that by [using] the muscles you cannot bring the vocal folds together. That allows them to rest so the area isn’t banging into each other.”

Mayer stated that he found the procedure particularly interesting, experiencing less apprehension than he expected about the injections, which were done “through the neck, which was fascinating,” he said. “It’s a small enough needle that you don’t go totally berserk when you see it.”

Botox injections have become one of the most clinically and cosmetically varied modern treatments, with applications across all fields of medicine. Originally developed for joint pain treatments, they have reached incredible levels of success for patients seeking to minimize facial lines and wrinkles.

They are often combined with dermal fillers to create a liquid face lift effect, which is popular due to its minimally invasive nature. Some physicians now speculate that Botox injections may be useful for breast lift treatments, though more research is needed in this area to prove its effectiveness.

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