Report Highlights Spring/Summer Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Softer, more natural looks are in this season, according to a recent report from the plastic surgery information and customer review website Botox and dermal fillers have mostly supplanted more obvious procedures.

The RealSelf Medi-Beauty Trend Report is a seasonal report that highlights recent developments in the world of plastic and cosmetic surgeries. According to one plastic surgeon cited in the report, “We’re going back again to a little bit more conservative, very natural looking procedures, whether invasive or non-invasive. That duck lip is a thing of the past.”

Spring/Summer Beauty Trends

Brazilian butt lift surgery has risen to become the fourth most popular procedure on In recent months, the procedure has seen a 28% increase in searches. The report attributes part of the popularity of the Brazilian butt lift to curvaceous figures like Jennifer Lopez and Sophia Vergara.

Mommy makeover surgery, which combines a number of body contouring procedures, has also seen a significant rise in popularity. Combining the benefits of breast augmentationtummy tuck surgery, and liposuction, mommy makeover surgery has seen a 13% rise in online searches over the past year. Ninety-eight percent of women who reviewed their money makeover results said that the surgery was worth it.

Reported benefits of the mommy makeover procedure include increases in:

  • self-confidence
  • feelings of attractiveness
  • satisfaction with sex life

Go With Quality When Selecting Your Surgeon

The report data also reinforces how important it is that patients must seek qualified plastic surgery providers for the best possible results. According to the report summary:

RealSelf CEO Tom Seery reviews patient satisfaction data in depth and reveals satisfaction rates are an average of 15% higher when procedures are performed by board-certified doctors trained in an aesthetic specialty, versus those who are not.

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