Philadelphia Woman Charged with Illegal Butt Injections

Body contouring surgeries and procedures are wildly popular nowadays, with thousands ofAmericans pursuing liposuctiontummy tucks, and butt lifts. Unfortunately, the success of one industry often gives rise to shadowy alternatives, which can be extremely dangerous when people’s bodies are concerned. In Philadelphia, a woman who has been accused of administering illegal butt injections, has had her bail reduced but continues to face legal troubles.

HandcuffsArrested last February after allegedly performing an injection on an exotic dancer, 42-year-old Padge Windslowe has been charged with a variety of crimes stemming from years of activity. She has been implicated in at least one death but has managed to avoid charges. The police are investigating “pumping parties” that took place at different hotels. It seems that Windslowe was charging $2,000 for the procedure. If released on bail, Windslowe will be required to stay away from needles and glue, reports Fox News.

Sadly, Windslowe isn’t the first back-alley butt injector, nor is it likely that she will be the last. An article on Digital Journal recently pointed out that other incidents have occurred over the past couple of years as buttocks augmentation becomes more popular. In 2011, Florida woman Oneal Ron Morris was accused of illegally injecting toxic substances into women’s buttocks. These substances included flat-tire sealant, glue, cement, Super Glue, and mineral oil. She faces new charges as more victims have come forward.

Many people want to have larger buttocks to complement their figures, and it’s understandable that some would like to seek less expensive alternatives. However, no cosmetic enhancement is worth risking your life by consulting an unqualified provider. If you’re considering butt augmentation or other cosmetic procedures, make sure that your provider is a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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