Neck Contouring as Double Chin Treatment

Neck contouring can work to diminish and unwanted double chin in a relatively short amount of time, according to ABC News.

The double chin treatment can be completed in a relatively short amount of time, usually in under an hour, and can be done without the need for a general anesthetic. By inserting a thin tube called a cannula, your plastic surgeon is able to use delicate liposculpture techniques to tone the lower face, minimizing the look of a double chin.

Patients who choose neck liposuction as a double chin treatment should have adequate skin elasticity, however, to ensure a toned result. If you lack skin elasticity, a neck lift, combined with liposculpture may be more appropriate.

After undergoing her successful neck liposculpture treatment, Terry says she likes the look of her face. While before she complained of a “long, sort of fat part” her jawline is now more defined. A more clearly defined jaw can help a patient’s face appear thinner.

As long as patients maintain a healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise, the results from neck liposculpture as a double chin treatment can be long lasting.

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