More Men Use Botox and Cosmetic Fillers

Botox use among men is on the rise, but it’s not all Hollywood celebrities and public figures. As a recent feature on Good Morning Americareveals, the use of “Bro-tox” has become popular among all types of men, with more than 300,000 American men receiving Botox injections last year.

The New Botox Users

  • Marc from Detroit received his Botox session as a Christmas present from his wife. An industrial worker who repairs cars in his spare time, he’s received injections to target his frown lines and crow’s feet. He and his wife had been “looking at old pictures … and I said, Man, I’ve aged these last couple of years.”
  • Julio Mendez, who also received Botox as a Christmas present, looks forward to getting rid of the lines on his forehead.
  • Johnny Markoudakis, a 29-year-old actor, says that many of his friends have noticed that he looks less stressed.
  • Jason Grange, a 41-year-old real estate analyst, says that he’s been “hooked” on the procedure because of its many benefits.

Plastic surgeons across the country have seen increasing numbers of men appear in their clinics to receive Botoxfacial fillers, and other minimally invasive procedures. But what’s behind the growth in the male plastic surgery market?

The American man has changed over the last decade, and it’s become more socially acceptable for men to care about their appearance. Botox, and facial fillers such as Radiesse, Restylane, and Juvederm, have caught on for their quick and dramatic results. Of course, as plastic surgeon Anthony Griffin told the Daily Mail, some of Botox’s new popularity arises from classic motives: “It’s still a competition in our society for looks and, you know, better-looking men get paid more, and they get prettier girls.”

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