Mammograms Largely Unaffected by Breast Lipoinjection, Study Finds

Woman Getting MammogramBreast lipomodeling, a fat transfer procedure to augment the size and shape of breasts, does not interfere with mammograms, a study by the ASPS found.

The study, which was published in March, examined women who had undergone breast lipomodeling as an alternative to more traditional implant-based breast augmentation. It found that 16 months after the procedure, more than half of the women displayed no abnormalities that would cause an issue on a mammogram. Of the women who did show any abnormalities, they were minor issues like scarring or small calcifications.

The study also compared mammograms for women both before and after breast lipomodeling and found no significant differences in the mammogram results.

Breast lipomodeling was originally introduced as a means for breast reconstruction following a mastectomy. In the cosmetic procedure, your plastic surgeon would use liposuction to remove excess fatty deposits from a donor site on your body, like the hips or thighs. After it has been purified, your plastic surgeon then uses lipomodeling techniques to inject the fat into your breasts, giving them volume and improving the shape.

While the results of the ASPS study are only preliminary, they bode well for the continued adoption of breast lipomodeling in the plastic surgery breast augmentation canon.

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