How Surgeons Preserve Ethnicity in Rhinoplasty

In a recent article for Cosmetic Surgery Times, several cosmetic surgeons discuss how they meet the needs of rhinoplasty patients who want to preserve their ethnic identity.

“There are subtle things that we can do to make a change in the profile, in the definition of the nose, without changing their ethnicity, without intrinsically changing their appearance,” said Charles M. Boyd M.D.

For surgeons, managing the patient’s expectations is important. Likewise for the patient, communicating desires and aesthetic goals for rhinoplasty is critical. Each doctor-patient relationship will go through this process in a different way. One emerging trend facilitating this communication process is the use of 3-dimensional imaging to visually approximate the results that can be achieved.

“I use computer imaging and this is very helpful in pinpointing what patients are trying to achieve, and it enables them to see what’s in my mind as well,” said Steven B. Hopping M.D.

When it comes down to operating, there are of course, anatomical considerations for the ethnic patient. To read how these surgeons approach rhinoplasty in patients of Asian, African American, and Middle Eastern descent, Read More – Link expired

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