Compression Garments Contribute to Tummy Tuck Recovery

Compression Garment Tummy TuckYour participation in the recovery process after a tummy tuck is crucial to the best results. Every patient experiences a different recovery, due to varying procedure intensities and medical histories. Your surgeon may recommend the use of a compression garment to improve your recovery.

Compression garments have been widely used in cosmetic surgery recovery for several decades. They are used to provide support for your new body shape as it heals into the intended position. In order to provide the best results, these garments come in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes.

Compression Garments Not for Everyone

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery website, compression garments are used to control the development of additional swelling following the procedure. They are also used to give extra support to those structures in your abdomen that have been altered and repositioned during the surgery.

While the wearing of these garments may cause some discomfort due to their tight fit, it is this tightness that is believed to provide the healing benefits. Many doctors believe that the proper use of these garments may shorten recovery time and prevent side effects and complications.

In addition to tummy tucks, compression garments are frequently used in other cosmetic procedure involving body contouring and reshaping. Some of the most common include thigh lifts, breast surgeries, arm lifts and mommy makeovers. Each of these procedures may utilize a uniquely-designed compression garment for the best possible results.

It is crucial to speak with your doctor prior to your surgery to determine their views on the matter of compression-assisted recovery. As seen on the cosmetic surgery website, there are a significant number of surgeons who are moving away from the traditional application of these compression garments during the recovery period. Talk to your surgeon for more information.

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