Choosing the Male Tummy Tuck Procedure

Happy CoupleOne of the most consistently popular procedures in the United States and throughout the world has long been the tummy tuck. And as more men begin to enter into the plastic surgery market, their presence in this area has expanded over the last several years, with more men choosing to undergo tummy tuck procedures.

According to, one of the most trusted online references for cosmetic surgery information, reviews, and guides, male tummy tuck procedures are on the rise, and 95% of men are happy with the outcomes of their procedure.

95% of Men Satisfied with Their Tummy Tuck Procedures and Results

There are several factors that have contributed to increased numbers of male patients having tummy tucks. The increasingly competitive job market is often cited as a major factor, with more men wanting to get an edge in an interview or meeting situation. Positive body image may be a crucial factor in cultivating a positive and convincing attitude, and may be a tremendous asset in sales or other people-based fields.

When choosing a tummy tuck, men have some different considerations than women before and during their procedure. Choosing a surgeon who is experienced with these considerations is crucial for the best overall result. In many cases, these procedures may be an excellent fit for men, who do not generally wear revealing bathing suits and underwear, giving more flexibility with the placement of the incision for maximum results.

Depending on the situation, it may be highly effective to combine the male tummy tuck procedure with liposuction, thigh lifts, or as part of a body lift. In combination, these procedures can dramatically improve the contours of the lower body. For patients with excess skin and fat deposits throughout their body, upper body procedures such as an arm lift or male breast reduction may help to provide overall balance.

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