Chin Implants – Beverly Hills Facial Enhancement

Woman Leaning On Her ChinThe chin is an important part of creating a sense of balance and symmetry for your face. With a weak or receding chin, your face may appear disproportionate with your nose, forehead or other distinct features of your face. Chin implants are growing in popularity as a form of cosmetic enhancement.

Chin implants are typically made of a material called expanded polytetrafluorethylene or ePTFE. This material is used because it has been shown to be compatible with the human body and doesn’t create problems when implanted. It is held to the bone by titanium screws and is flexible but very strong.

There are other available augmentation materials such as silicone or AlloDerm, which is tissue from donors. Discuss your goals with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Andre Aboolian for more information about chin implants.

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