Can You Exercise with Breast Implants?

Breast Implants And Exercise Exercise and physical activity are important components of many women’s everyday lives, and it’s important to consider how breast implants might affect everyday exercise routines. A recent article on the Digital Journal has highlighted some of the ways that breast augmentation can affect your exercise routine. In these cases, women may want to consider receiving small or moderate-sized implants, so that they can easily maintain their active lifestyle.

While most exercises aren’t affected by breast implants, there are some types of physical activity that may be affected:

Running. Breast implants can cause a shift in your center of balance. You will also likely notice the increased weight in your chest. It may take some time for you to adapt to your new center of balance.

Swimming. Breast implants have a different density than normal breast tissue and can cause changes in buoyancy. As well, with breast augmentation, your enhanced curves will mean that your body will be less streamlined. Competitive swimmers may experience a slight drop in their time because their breasts are causing increased drag in the water.

Golf and Tennis. Activities that require reaching across the chest can be affected by breast implants, which increase the projection of your chest. This can be noticed in sports such as golf or tennis, although you can adapt to this change by using your torso and chest muscles more.

These and similar concerns should be fully considered before committing to breast augmentation. If you’re an avid runner, swimmer, golfer, or tennis player, you can discuss your options with your plastic surgeon. Different implant shapes and sizes are suitable for a wide range of uses. By asking questions about exercise with breast implants, you can ensure that your active lifestyle can be continued with larger, more appealing breasts.

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