Breast Surgeries Highlighted on TODAY

Having breast surgery can be a dramatic change for a woman, and as seen on the TODAY show’s Life Changers segment, two women who underwent breast surgeries experienced positive changes.

Erica, who underwent breast augmentation for what she called her “zero” breasts, actually an A-cup, said that her silicone gel implants made her feel like she had “the Bentley of boobs.” As an alternative to silicone implants similar to Erica’s, saline implants, which may feel less natural, are available at a lower cost. As well as the implant type, other options include the size, shape, placement and the location of incisions.

Another woman, Jeanne, underwent a breast reduction due to her D-cup sized breasts that caused back, neck and shoulder pains on her small frame. More than just the associated pain, she also experienced indentations from her bra straps and had difficulty finding clothing that fit comfortably. In the type of breast reduction procedure that Jeanne underwent, the surgeon removes excess skin and tissue that add weight to the breasts and often moves the nipple areola to a more youthful position.

In addition to the cosmetic breast augmentation and reduction procedures, breast lifts are often performed to lift breasts that have begun to sag over time or after weight loss. While excess skin is removed and the nipple areola often moved in a breast lift, implants may also be used to restore breast fullness.

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