Breast Enhancement – Beverly Hills Techniques

Breast Enhancments In Beverly HillsBreast enhancement is one of the most popular types of elective cosmetic procedures in the United States. On the market, there are lots of purported substitutes such as pills or exercises that offer “natural enhancement,” but there are few if any that can match the quality of surgical breast enhancement. An enhancement procedure can provide dramatic or subtle changes to your appearance.

Depending on your particular goals, there are quite a few considerations to make. If your breast enhancement includes breast implants, you may choose the type of implant, the implant location and the type of incision. The best options will come down to the recommendations of a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Andre Aboolian and your personal goals.

If you are concerned about scarring, incisions can be made in the armpit area, around the areola or even down by your belly button. However, each of these techniques has its own pros and cons relative to your skin type and to their potential effects on sensitivity and breastfeeding.

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