Botox Maker Looks to Topical Options

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It’s certainly not news that wrinkle-reducing injectables like Botox and Dysport are seeing salesincreases as the economy rebounds. It is noteworthy, however, what the companies are working toward in the wake of renewed consumer interest—topical versions, according to

Botox, produced by Allergan and Dysport, produced by Medicis, contain similar components of the botulinum toxin, which controls muscle movement when injected between the brows and diminishes glabellar lines and wrinkles. On top of this cosmetic use, botulinum toxin-based products have been used to treat excessive sweating and migraines and now the makers are taking the next steps in making their products widely available to those averse to injections.

So far, the news is good for consumers. The second phase in trials for topical Botox, which was completed in October, was successful. While no market date has been set for the topical version of Botox, nor for its Medicis-produced rival Dysport, needle-shy individuals can still test the possible effects of Botox by using Allergan’s Treatment Visualizer.

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