Body Contouring Procedures Soar in Popularity

Weight Loss Body ContouringWith more Americans struggling with obesity than ever before, higher numbers of patients are experiencing weight loss that leaves their body unable to adjust to the changes. For these patients, body contouring is an excellent alternative to shape and contour their new physique.

Following a weight loss of 50-100 pounds or more, which is a typical result of successful bariatric surgery, many patient’s bodies may not be able to quickly bounce back to their previous appearance. For these patients, plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction,tummy tucks and arm lifts may be an excellent solution.

Body Sculpting on the Rise for Weight-Loss Patients

According to Dr. Charlotte Rhee, “For obese individuals, dropping a significant amount of weight can have a profoundly beneficial impact on their overall health. Many are left discouraged, however, with the toll it can take on their body – the most common of which is loose, hanging skin.”

With minor weight loss, the body can often handle the change, gradually adjusting the amount of skin and tissue in the areas of weight loss until they are firm and balanced once more. Yet for patients who have had a more dramatic change, the body’s natural mechanisms of repair could take many years to take effect, and some cases may be beyond what the body is capable of repairing.

For these patients, body contouring represents an excellent option, as they may be able to achieve a final look that more attractively reflects all the hard work they have put into their weight loss. Plastic surgery can specifically target their trouble areas and create a look that is balanced overall.

“Body contouring combines several procedures based on a patient’s medical needs and cosmetic goals,” says Dr. Rhee. “Often, it will include some combination of tummy tuck surgery, arm lift surgery and/or a body lift procedure. The goal is to resculpt the body, achieving a more proportionate figure.”

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