Arm Lift – Brachioplasty – Beverly Hills

Arm Lift Before And AfterLean, toned arms can be a major boost to your confidence. As we age, the skin tends to lose elasticity, which contributes to sagging and makes it particularly challenging to maintain a tight, youthful contour of the body. Exercise and dieting can be helpful, but the ravages of time are an inevitable hazard of aging. With an arm lift, it is possible to turn back the clock and remove excess skin and fat, leaving you with tighter, leaner arms.

An arm lift is a surgical procedure that excises extra skin and fat from the upper arm. The procedure is technically known as a brachioplasty and involves making an incision generally on the inside of the upper arm and/or in the axillary (arm pit) area. This location is least visible and hides scaring. The size and location of the incision is determined by the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed.

Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Andre Aboolian if you’d like to know more about how an arm lift can help you reshape and tone your appearance.

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