Arm Lift

Arm lifts are separated into 3 different types:

  1. Mini brachioplasty scar is limited to the armpit only and is ideal for patients with minimal skin laxity or those who will not be comfortable with a long scar extending down toward their elbow; liposuction may be included with mini brachioplasty.
  2. Regular brachioplasty is reserved for those with more skin laxity of the upper arms and want a majority of the excess skin minimized. The incisions for regular brachioplasty start from the armpit and extend down towards the elbow on the inner aspect of the upper arms.
  3. Extended brachioplasty is reserved for patients who have excess skin of the upper arms and sides of the chest. Such patients end up with a scar starting from the elbow area and extending through the armpit and down the side of the chest. This procedure is ideal for patients with massive weight loss.

Liposuction of the Upper Arms

Deposits of fat in the upper arms are treated with ultrasound assisted liposuction and suction assisted lipectomy. In patients with good skin tone, skin retraction is likely. In these situations, liposuction alone will provide excellent results.*

Treatment at a younger age has been shown to prevent the gradual development of the so-called “batwing” deformity of the arms that can be seen with advanced age.

Patients with poor skin or loose skin will also require a mini-brachioplasty. This procedure “tucks in” the loose skin at the expense of a hidden scar in the armpit.

Arm Lift After Weight Loss

Loose skin on the upper arms can often be caused by massive weight loss after bariatric surgery. If you have recently had weight-loss surgery, you will probably notice loose, drooping folds of skin on your upper arms, as the fatty tissue in your arms has mostly disappeared. Dr. Aboolian regularly performs arm lift surgeries on bariatric patients who are looking to complete their transition to the body they always wanted. With arm lift surgery, weight-loss surgery patients can experience smoother, more beautiful arms.* This surgery is often performed along with other post-bariatric surgeries.

If you are interested in the cost of arm lift surgery after weight loss in Beverly Hills, please feel free to contact our offices and discuss your options with a member of our staff. Financing options include cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and financing plans such as CareCredit.

Why Choose Dr. Aboolian for Your Arm Lift?

Dr. Aboolian is a recognized expert in body contouring, including procedures designed for patients who have undergone massive weight loss. Arm lift surgery is frequently performed for these patients, as well as others who present different reasons for surgery. For further options related to post-weight loss surgery, click here.